Clever Tiger

A design company that does more… finally!

Metro-Atlanta-based design company Clever Tiger is so excited for this upcoming year. We want to become a resource for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as our fellow designers. We provide a range of design and marketing services, all done with flair and a smile!

This is the start of something good

Clever Tiger has been a long time in the making for founder Rachel Manning. Rachel is a flexible, hard-working graphic designer based in the Southern U.S. with copywriting and marketing experience. She works cheerfully and with passion to give her clients beautiful and creative results.

With 10 years of graphic design knowledge under her belt, she has produced work for a diverse set of companies throughout her career. These experiences have helped her become a well-rounded designer, able to quickly understand a project’s specific needs. Rachel can create designs and content, or even entire campaigns, thanks to her jack-of-all-trades mentality. She likes a challenge and is a creative content solutions expert.

It’s time for a new kind of design company.

Last year, Rachel finalized ideas that had been bouncing around in her head for Clever Tiger since 2010, and formed an agency to serve clients both remote and local. With her diverse team of clever creatives, she aims to make marketing success achievable for any brand on any budget. We’re more than a design agency. We’re your marketing department.

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