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Regardless of whether you Instagram your every meal or you’re still calling it “the facebook,” your business is most likely in need of better social media management. These platforms are constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest algorithms, requirements, scheduling restrictions, and insights can be a full time job (and totally is for some).

But, for many, social media is where your customer is spending the most time online. According to a new report from Informate Mobile Intelligence, users check their social accounts 17 times a day. At least once every waking hour! We’re not just talking about #kidsthesedays either. About 75% of American adults are dedicated social media users, and you can leverage this to boost your inbound traffic and revenue. Ninety-percent of businesses see increased exposure and more than half report improved sales from social media.

So how can you get a grip on your social marketing? Social media management is how. It’s the process of managing your online interactions and content across all social media channels, and monitoring results. When done right, social media posts are targeted, using marketing wisdom and insights to engage your audience and increase reach. You can gain valuable insights for next to nothing if you’ve got a good system in place!

Social media management keeps your marketing on schedule, and helps establish an online identity. Creating a thoughtful schedule of posts is one critical part of this. Posting on a regular basis and similar time helps users anticipate your content. You want your following to look forward to your posts and find them relevant and engaging. Knowing when users are most active plays an important role in scheduling posts to increase visibility.

Social media has also streamlined B2C communication, allowing you to provide next-level customer service and get real-time feedback from your audience. Good social management means your business can provide quick responses and interact with followers to help build relationships and show-off your 5✭ customer service to potentials. Monitoring activity across your platforms is so important, and there’s lots of amazing ways to do so. We’re big fans of Hootsuite and Buffer.

Another benefit of this versatile advertising stream – promoted posts and ads. Open your post up to a wider audience with low-cost advertising options available on any of these platforms. These paid advertisements are a much bigger bang for your buck than traditional advertising. They’re cost-effective and pack a heavy punch. Plus, good social media management allows you to monitor your posts to see what might translate into an effective campaign, saving time and creative costs.

Be sure to keep social media management a priority, and budget time for creating content, interacting with your audience, and promoting and scheduling posts. Managing social media channels can be time consuming, especially without the right tools. If you know the importance of social media presence, but you also can’t find room in your schedule to focus on it, we understand your frustration. If you’re interested in taking it on yourself, Clever Tiger offers consulting services to share some of our expertise and help you get started. We also offer a range of packages to fill in wherever you need help or to take it all off your shoulders.

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