Why You Should Worry About Earning the Sale, Not Making it

earning the sale

Imagine a world where businesses were committed to earning their sales vs. simply making them. A world where the consumer didn’t feel like prey amongst hungry predators. A world where character, honesty, and hard work are the main products, no matter what you’re buying. It’s a long shot, we know. But as businesses, we can choose to set that standard. We can earn our customers’ patronage and loyalty, and in turn, take pride in our work. And often, we can become profitable doing so. In the hopes of seeing these principles reflected in more businesses, here is our humble attempt to shift your focus to earning sales for the greater good.

Do what you say you’re going to do

This one is tough. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and projects get interrupted, delayed, or even derailed. It’s important to communicate, and make sure everyone is on the same page. If you need to readjust expectations, do so. Don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep, just to temporarily placate your customer. It’s so important to build trust, so that each sale is another brick in the foundation of your relationship with that client.

Promote loyalty

When you provide exceptional service with a solid product at a fair price, word gets around. Encourage repeat business by nurturing your customer relationships. Do your best work every single time, and treat each project with the importance it deserves. Don’t trick your customers into doing business with you again, or make desperate pleas in the form of dirt-cheap deals or short-term benefits. Conduct yourself in such a way that they can’t wait to do business with you again. Promote organic loyalty by delivering amazing experiences. Your clients can’t be kept too happy, we’ll just put it that way.

Seize the referrals

Referrals go a very long way. With the help of your happy, loyal customer base comes waves of referral clients. When a customer is excited about what they’ve received from your business, they will refer their contacts to you. Usually, these new prospects already want to do business with you solely based on the recommendation they’ve been given. Respect the referrals at all costs. Remember, someone put their name on the line when they recommended you. Make sure you deliver the experience they promised on your behalf, and you’ll have exponential referral growth.

Take pride in your work

Stop looking at everything as “work,” first of all. When each task becomes a challenge to take on, things get a lot more meaningful. Tackle your to-do list with passion, even the mundane stuff, and you’ll see your investment grow. People pick up on it when you’re genuine. And, now more than ever, people want to work with authentic, transparent companies who care about what they do. A lot.

The takeaway is that once you stop trying to actively push sales for the sake of making money, and start focusing on why you even deserve that sale in the first place, you’ll see the pieces fall into place. Business doesn’t have to be dirty to be successful. Business can be honorable and compassionate, all while making money and making their part of this world a better place. That’s why we publish these resources for you – to help you be happier, more successful, and more informed. Thanks for reading! Got something you want to say? Contact us.

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