Am I the business owner type?

Hustling, hypothesizing, risk taking, sacrificing  – being a business owner takes all of this and more. The highs are super rewarding, and the lows? Super draining. There’s no mincing words, being a business owner is tough. Have you been toying with the idea of starting a company? Are you asking yourself, “Can I be a business owner?”

Well? Do you have what it takes? (Spoiler alert: You probably already know the answer to that.)

Take our quiz to get some insight.

Do you have a good idea of what your business would do, and who it would serve?

Do you have the financial capacity to handle startup costs?

How much time a week do you have to dedicate to your new business?

Are you able to make new friends easily?

What is your main reason for going into business?

Do you work well with others?

You + Technology =?

Am I the business owner type?
Blossoming Boss
You can do this. Find a support group and a sounding board. Buckle down, focus, solidify some plans, and get to it.
Professional Business Owner
Don’t act like you don’t have a business already. This DIY career path was made for you, and whatever you set your mind to, you know you can do it.
Determined Dreamer
You still have some work to do before you’ll be ready to own your own business. But if you decide it’s something worth having, give up some free time and put your mind to it.

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Not everyone is cut out for owning a business, and that’s okay! We don’t need a bunch of business owners – we need a healthy mix of people who work hard in the roles that they excel at. Do what makes you happy, and work towards YOUR goal. Whatever it may be.

And please, don’t take yourself too seriously, even if you are the boss. Everyone starts somewhere.


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