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It’s Time for Fall in Woodstock, Georgia

Fall in Woodstock GA, home of Clever Tiger.

The crisp fall air blows leaves around me as I sit on the brick wall outside of Copper Coin Coffee, drinking a pumpkin spice latte in my fuzziest sweater…okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. It may still be 80°F, but fall is definitely in the air of Woodstock, home of Clever Tiger.

On October 1st, things got instantly spookier. Suddenly, scarecrows popped up around town, decorated by local businesses. We’re shook by the attention to detail.

From the spookiest tooth sculpture, to scarecrow girls dressed in Addison Jane’s finest, something new was certainly afoot. I made my morning rounds through the shops, browsing for some fine fall clothing (check out this sweater I am wearing right now from Brooklynn’s). I noticed summer clothes had made their way from the shelves to the sale racks. Could it be? Has the best season of the year arrived?

Our office is inside of Copper Coin, so I strolled into the building. Something new is on the menu that I was eager to try- A Harvest Latte! It’s Chai tea, espresso, pumpkin spice, and nutmeg- the ultimate autumn beverage. It’s true. My favorite season is upon us.

Here’s a sample of the best of the best fall activities for us Woodstockians, found by browsing the calendar on Patch.

On October 27th, come to the Towne Lake Community Fall Festival from 4pm to 6pm. There is an abundance of fun and funky fall activities from trunk or treat, hay rides, and chili cookoffs, to games and prizes! Plus, if you bring canned goods, you’ll receive extra tickets to the raffle. Prizes for helping people is a win-win. After you finish up at the fall festival, I recommend you pop into the downtown area and check out all the local scarecrows. Some haunting, some silly, but all sure to thrill you.Then, to finish your evening of haunts, stop by The Gifted Ferret for a ghost hunting experience you won’t forget. They will be attempting to contact the other side, doing past life readings, and collecting donations to help furry friends. Costumed attire appreciated!

fall in woodstock ga

I also took to the streets of downtown Woodstock to ask locals the question I’ll now be asking our readers: What do you love most about fall? The answers all ranged wildly. Some love fall simply for the air, the weather, and the change it brings. Others said it’s all about horror- from haunted houses to scary movies. But the most common answer I received was that everyone loves the company… friends at haunts together, cuddling up by a bonfire, or joining your family for Thanksgiving. Everyone looks forward to coming together. Most importantly, I wasn’t the only one rocking a sweater with the high being 84°F. I hope that your fall is full of all the spooks and friends you could ever hope for.

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