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How Much Do You Know About Social Media?

In today’s society, social media is queen bee and we’re in the hive.

From business accounts to personal ones, everyone has at least one form of social media. It makes it easy to stay connected to one another, as well as keep tabs on the silly doings of celebrities, family members, and strangers (looking at you, YouTube). But just using social media doesn’t make you an expert.

Want to find out how your expertise measures up?

Which social media ad features a dark blue background with white lettering?

Which social media platform is known for linking posts to DIY and how-to articles?

What social media site is used almost exclusively by artists to share and view artwork?

Which video sharing platform has been around the longest?

Which blog style website originated first?

Which now-extinct video site allowed you to post six-second videos?

Which social media empire is the most popular, based on reach?

Penny for your thoughts?