Brand Personality

Winning Your Clients Over With More Than Just Good Looks

It’s no secret that a great logo can set your business apart from the competition and attract your ideal clients in a split second, but what gives the logo this power?

It’s brand personality.

We often forget the name of someone after first introductions are made, and sometimes even the face gets a little fuzzy, but what we rarely forget is how that person spoke and interacted with us. This is why it’s key for your business to not just rely on good looks; you need to offer clients something relatable and personable.

Your logo is a product of your brand personality: a face to the name. That logo isn’t going to help you write on-brand messaging for your business’s blog. The branding concept determines everything else about how your business presents itself to the world; just like your own personality dictates how you dress and talk to others. You need a more abstract idea of HOW your business will appeal and interact with clients before you order marketing collateral and send out promotions.

For example; some of us associated Chick-fil-a with their very tongue-in-cheek ads that use charming, illiterate cows that demand consumers eat more (Chick-fil-a) chicken. This is just one of many marketing campaigns, but it came from an established concept for the restaurant chain; casual, family-friendly, and wholesome. The campaign was something we could relate to and laugh at, forming a positive connection.

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Once you have a brand personality, that personality can be expressed in endless ways through thoughtful marketing. On-brand marketing paired with consistent visuals (your logo, typography, and colors) will ensure your clients grow to recognize your brand from a mile away…and more importantly, they’ll form a lasting loyalty. They’ll keep calling you for the same reason they would call a friend when they need help. Make sure your business answers with a familiar, reassuring tone saying “Hey friend, glad to hear from you. Here’s how we can help”.

Realizing your company’s spirit no longer connects to the existing logo and visuals? We can help! Rebranding is a normal chapter in the life of a growing, thriving business. With growth comes change and with change comes a new look. Let’s give your brand a makeover.

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