How to Scale Your Business (and the first thing that’s holding you back)

Whether you’re a party-of-one working from home OR you run a bustling office of employees, you’re probably looking to bring your business to new heights. But you’re already working overtime every week to get things done. How could you possibly fit more into this exhausting routine?

The answer is – you don’t.

You can’t add hours to the day, so you need to take a hard look at your to-do list, and cut it in half.

Sustainable growth doesn’t just mean more work to do, it has to happen with a balanced increase in profits, expenses, and productivity. This can’t happen if you’ve got a full plate of menial tasks that, let’s be honest, are not fueling your passion for your work.

We get it. You take pride in your work and maybe you’re even a little addicted to the long to-do list of little tasks you know you should delegate. You’re like a parent having a hard time releasing the back of a bicycle when your wobbly child is at the helm. You’ve raised your business from an idea to an entity, and there’s always the fear that taking a step back will be disastrous.

However, we can guarantee you Tim Cook isn’t adding stories to Apple’s instagram account anymore

than Oprah is spell-checking articles in O Magazine. If you’re creating social media posts and editing marketing content as the owner of your company, you’re standing in the way of major growth. Outsourcing the production of your marketing materials will free you up to keep a sharp eye on your competitors, make tough decisions, and brainstorm new directions for your company.

Ready to get serious? Here’s a quick checklist of things that you could probably delegate:

  1. Creating/Scheduling social media content – posts, stories, ads, blogs, etc.
  1. Reordering marketing materials – business cards, flyers, letterheads, banners, and anything else your business needs regularly.
  1. Brainstorming marketing content – writing copy, coming up with fresh ways to advertise, and finding new avenues to reach your ideal clients
  1. Updating your website – sourcing photography and visuals for your brand, uploading content on a timely schedule, managing SEO details, etc.

Does any of that look familiar? Just a few of these tasks can add up to 20+ hours per week of frustrating time taken away from what you really need to be doing for your company.
At Clever Tiger, we have streamlined systems for getting all of these things done (and more) on time and worry-free so you can focus on scaling your business…and planning an early retirement. Send an email to to start a conversation.

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