How to Use Google My Business: A Field Guide for Local Businesses

If you have a business that serves local customers, you need to know how to use Google My Business. You already know you’re showing up in search results, especially if people search directly for your name. How do you control these results and get more hits by ensuring the right information appears at the right time for the right people?

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printable holiday calendar for social media featured image
Social Media

Printable 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar

Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate on social media! People like to celebrate things. Bringing more holiday-themed posts into your social feed helps you engage with your followers by participating in trends as they happen. Download your 2020 printable social media holiday calendar here.

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ribbon cutting article featured image
Clever Tiger

Clever Tiger moves creative agency to Kennesaw, GA, cuts ribbon

Clever Tiger is pleased to announce we’ve moved our creative agency to Kennesaw, GA.Our new office is just a short drive from our prior location in Woodstock, GA. We cut a ribbon with the City of Kennesaw on December 10th, just in time for 2020. Our families, friends, and clients showed up in force and made it a packed house.

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featured image for the blog post on optimizing business profiles on social media by clever tiger

Improve Business Profiles on Social Media in 4 Steps

Are you making the best possible impression on potential customers online? Need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing? Check out these 4 tips to update your social media business profiles. 1. Audit your business profile info When updating your social media profiles, this is the first and most important step. Check all your info to make sure it’s correct. Profiles with short bio formats, like Instagram and Twitter, are

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blog featured image How Long will a design take
Graphic Design

How long should a design take?

You want to hire a graphic designer or creative agency to complete a project, and you’re wondering – how long should a design take? You might have already received a quote or an estimate, and you want to make sure it’s reasonable. How do you gauge if a design estimate makes sense? In this article, we’ll show you how graphic design costs are estimated. This will differ among creative agencies and designers of course, but

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common logo design issues

Common Logo Design Issues

It’s a known fact, your logo is important. It’s the face of your company. It’s a big part of what drives brand awareness, and can even dictate aspects of your company’s culture. Without critical thinking involved, your logo is doomed to be nothing more than a shape and some letters. We’re here to help identify some common logo design issues, and provide suggestions on how to avoid or resolve them.  Common logo design issues 1.

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choosing Colors for your brand

Choosing Colors for Your Brand

What’s your favorite color? Have you ever thought about how much the answer actually reveals about you? If your favorite color is blue, you are probably an authentic, sympathetic person who is flexible and imaginative. If your favorite color is yellow, you are probably filled with joy and energy. In the same way that a favorite color reveals a personality, colors can also define a personality. If you’re starting a new business or thinking about

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Print or Digital – What’s the better spend?

Advertising budgets are hard to get, easy to spend. There’s more ways than ever now to reach your target audience, which is great news! But it certainly makes decisions on ads more complicated. One such decision is whether to spend on print or digital ads and collateral like brochures, folders, business cards, etc. If you ask a group of marketers whether print advertising and collateral are still worth it, you’ll probably get mixed responses. Some

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Guest Blog

What You Might Not Know About Freelance Designers

The world of freelancing is covered with myths. Developers are said to live in darkness and work throughout the nights. Consultants are said to charge ridiculous amounts per hour or two of work and relax the rest of the week. Designers, on the other hand, are perceived as creative hipsters spending whole days in Starbucks. Some myths are funny, some a little less. What is the reality and what are the facts you might not

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