common logo design issues

Common Logo Design Issues

It’s a known fact, your logo is important. It’s the face of your company. It’s a big part of what drives brand awareness, and can even dictate aspects of your company’s culture. Without critical thinking involved, your logo is doomed to be nothing more than a shape and some letters. We’re here to help identify some common logo design issues, and provide suggestions on how to avoid or resolve them.  Common logo design issues 1.

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choosing Colors for your brand

Choosing Colors for Your Brand

What’s your favorite color? Have you ever thought about how much the answer actually reveals about you? If your favorite color is blue, you are probably an authentic, sympathetic person who is flexible and imaginative. If your favorite color is yellow, you are probably filled with joy and energy. In the same way that a favorite color reveals a personality, colors can also define a personality. If you’re starting a new business or thinking about

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Print or Digital

Print or Digital – What’s the better spend?

Advertising budgets are hard to get, easy to spend. There’s more ways than ever now to reach your target audience, which is great news! But it certainly makes decisions on ads more complicated. One such decision is whether to spend on print or digital ads and collateral like brochures, folders, business cards, etc. If you ask a group of marketers whether print advertising and collateral are still worth it, you’ll probably get mixed responses. Some

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Social Media Engagement
Social Media

Social Media Engagement – Organic vs. Paid

Based on the title, you may be assuming I’m about to give you a definitive answer on what’s more important – organic social media or paid content. Well, it’s not that simple. But don’t worry, I’ll be breaking down why they’re both important and how to seamlessly blend the two together. Organic vs. paid social media strategies are like peanut butter and jelly. They’re both good on bread by themselves, but when you put them

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Guest Blog

What You Might Not Know About Freelance Designers

The world of freelancing is covered with myths. Developers are said to live in darkness and work throughout the nights. Consultants are said to charge ridiculous amounts per hour or two of work and relax the rest of the week. Designers, on the other hand, are perceived as creative hipsters spending whole days in Starbucks. Some myths are funny, some a little less. What is the reality and what are the facts you might not

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Scale Your Business

How to Scale Your Business (and the first thing that’s holding you back)

Whether you’re a party-of-one working from home OR you run a bustling office of employees, you’re probably looking to bring your business to new heights. You want to scale your business, and it’s the only thing on your mind most days. But you’re already working overtime every week to get things done. How could you possibly fit more into this exhausting routine? The answer is – you don’t. You can’t add hours to the day,

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Brand Personality

Winning Your Clients Over With More Than Just Good Looks It’s no secret that a great logo can set your business apart from the competition and attract your ideal clients in a split second, but what gives the logo this power? It’s brand personality. We often forget the name of someone after first introductions are made, and sometimes even the face gets a little fuzzy, but what we rarely forget is how that person spoke

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social media 2019
Social Media

Social Media 2019 Update

As we close out an eventful 2018, it’s a good time to take a look at where social media has taken us, and what we should expect in the year to come. One thing is for certain: It’s an exciting time to work in social media and digital marketing in general. We’ve done our research to provide you with this actionable report on the state of social media in 2019. Action items for 2019 Social

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How Much Do You Know About Social Media?

In today’s society, social media is queen bee and we’re in the hive. From business accounts to personal ones, everyone has at least one form of social media. It makes it easy to stay connected to one another, as well as keep tabs on the silly doings of celebrities, family members, and strangers (looking at you, YouTube). But just using social media doesn’t make you an expert. Want to find out how your expertise measures

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Web Design

6 Myths About Web Design- BUSTED!

For people who are new to the web design game, it’s easy to fall prey to myths you read on other people’s sites about how YOU should design yours. People with perceived experience have been dominating this industry for ages, and it’s time we busted six of the most common myths in web design- old facts that are no longer true, as well as a few things that have just never been. We’re ready to

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