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How much do graphic designers charge for a logo?

Many business owners choose to hire a designer to ensure their logo design is distinctive and communicates the brand’s message, but how much do graphic designers charge for a logo? And more importantly, how much should you spend on your company’s logo?

A logo is a key part of any company’s visual and brand identity. It’s often the first thing potential clients will see and as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You want to make sure you have a quality logo that establishes trust in your brand and delivers the exact emotional impact you desire. 

How Much Does Logo Design Cost?

As with any service, the cost of logo design varies greatly from designer to designer. Different price points exist and depending on the size of your budget, you should understand what you are getting -or not getting- at each price point.

Logo Design OptionsLogo MakerEntry Level DesignerMid-High Level Designer or Small AgencyMed-Large Design Agency
QualityBasic, bare bones logo. Generic, but gets the job done.Entry level designers with limited experience or building portfolio.Experienced designers with professional service and exceptional portfolio.Top tier design by team of experienced designers with guaranteed results
Who Should Use ItBusinesses with an extremely limited budget – just want it done yesterday.Businesses who recognize the importance of professional design with limited budget.Businesses expecting top quality at a mid range price, able to spend more.Businesses with great resources looking for an entire branding package deal.

Low Cost Logo Design Charge: Under $300

When you’re working with an extremely limited budget, a logo maker will be your cheapest option. If you have the time and basic design knowledge, you could make the logo yourself and be fairly happy with the results. However, if you have zero artistic ability, you may want to consider using a logo generator.

A logo generator can range anywhere from $0-$50. While this is a great starting out option, logo generators do have their drawbacks. First, you will have limited options for font and design. This can lead you with a generic design that you may not love. Second, depending on the design you use, you may not have commercial rights to your design. This can put you at risk of being sued and cause financial loss later down the line.

There are also designers on low-cost freelancing websites that charge under $300 for a logo design. While there are some true gems on these webpages, many business owners have come across stolen logos being used or designers who use copyrighted material.

Mid-Range Logo Design Charge: $300-$2,500

Working with a designer gives you the option to have a truly unique and customized logo design. Since $300-2500 is a vastly different price point, this range generally gets broken into two categories: lower range and higher range. 

Entry level designers tend to be on the lower range ($300-800) with limited experience or fresh out of design school. They are generally very talented individuals who may need very clear cut directions for your design and may need extra time to complete the project at hand. If you know exactly what you are looking for and can communicate effectively, this is a great option to go with.

The $800-$2,500 price point tends to get you smaller agencies or mid-high level designers with a great portfolio and lots of experience under their belt. They generally need less direction and give more support in the design process. They also tend to include more extras with the higher price tag, such as brand guides, extra revisions, or additional logo designs to choose from.

This being said, you can find high level designers at lower price points and entry level designers at higher price points. For this reason, it is essential to look at their portfolios and testimonials. You want to make sure the designer works in the style of logo you are looking for and has a professional work ethic. 

High End Logo Design Charge: $2,500+

Working with a medium to large design agency is an option for a business looking for a total branding package (which includes a logo). These agencies will often conduct market research and do an extensive competitor analysis to make sure your business will stand out in the best way possible. You get a top quality design with thorough work and business data to back up the high price tag.

Generally this option is out of reach for brand new businesses, but is a great option to have everything done for you. Like with freelancers, it is crucial to check out the portfolio and client satisfaction. Not all design agencies are created equal and for this price point, you don’t want to sign on without doing your research.

Determining the best logo design route for your business

With so many options to choose from, it is important to do your research on what your logo needs are. Once you have determined your budget and your design needs, you can start the hunt for a logo designer to bring your vision to life.

At Clever Tiger, we offer multiple levels of branding packages perfect for having one-of-a-kind logos that stand out from the crowd, at a price you love: 

Our basic branding package is only $225,  far less than the average agency logo design charge, and includes logo design with 2 revisions and a basic branding document. Get started with the process here

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