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7 Ways to Tell If You Need to Invest in Creative Content

If your marketing and social media isn’t capturing your audience and boosting your customer base as well as your bottom line, you might need to examine your creative content strategy.

Here’s how to know when it’s probably time to invest in creative content. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  1. Stagnant growth
    When’s the last time you had a flurry of activity, or a bar full of notifications for your social media? If your content strategy is lacking, you’ll probably find your stats flatlining.
  2. Dated materials
    When’s the last time you compared your marketing materials to successful competitors’ content? If you haven’t gotten fresh perspective in a while, it’s probably time to invest in a facelift.
  3. Low engagement
    Do you feel disconnected from your customers, and it’s mutual? Unsuccessful content is like throwing dollar bills into the ocean, never to be seen or heard of again. Are you pushing content out, but hearing crickets afterwards?
  4. No follow through
    Plans and goals are great. But if you can’t follow through, they’re not worth much. Are you unable to find the time to invest in your content strategy? You may not even have time to even THINK about content strategy, much less carry it out!
  5. Confusion
    You’ve got unique ideas and products, but you can’t seem to find a way to communicate that to the public. Or, there may be a reoccurring misunderstanding that you can’t clear up related to what you provide to your customers.
  6. No conversions
    Do you get a decent amount of traffic, but nobody actually interacts with your business? You might be getting the WRONG traffic. If you’re seeing a lot of growth but no momentum in the sales department, it’s time to rethink.
  7. “Insta-what?”
    It can be a full time job keeping up with advertising channels, new platforms, and other techy stuff. Do you overhear people talking about digital formats you’ve never heard of? You might be behind the curve.

Not sure how to start improving your creative content? Or how your ideal content differs from what you’re already putting out there? Start by shifting your focus. Your creative content shouldn’t always be about advertising your own products and services. You actually need to be focusing on several other targets in your content campaigns.

What does creative content look like?


People can locate almost anything they need online these days, and you can make yourself available as a resource. Find out what your customers need, and help them find it. It’s fairly simple. Without giving away too much, you can create images and resources that people will want to read and share. Luckily, a lot of these things can blossom into other creative content, significantly cutting down on your time investment.

Engagement and Humor

Keep people coming back to your page for the fun of it. Do you like memes, or knock knock jokes? Perfect! Depending on what business you’re in, it’s totally okay to include appropriate versions of those things in your posts. People want to be entertained by things that interest them, or just make them giggle a bit (or…a lot). They also want to align themselves with things they resonate with or care about. Sharing articles that engage with your customers’ interests or creating interesting versions of inspirational quotes, jokes, or cartoons are great ways to connect with your following and keep them hooked.

Visuals and Messaging

Everyone loves beauty. Ever see a post that has just the right colors and font? Or a killer photograph that makes you stop mid-scroll? Get you some of THAT. Sure it’s subjective, but attention-grabbing design and imagery are a MUST for successful creative content campaigns. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it could also be worth a thousand reposts. Engaging messaging is critical as well, and good messaging can function without the help of visuals.


If your creative content isn’t engaging, original, valuable, and fun, it isn’t shareable, and your social media marketing isn’t reaching its full potential. How can you fix that? Invest (It’s worth it). Enlist outside help. Or, if you already have an artistic marketing pro (or 3) on your team, have them devote more time and thought to your creative content. It can drastically increase your following, therefore increasing your visibility and sales!

Is it time to call for backup? You may need someone to give your marketing team a nudge in the right direction, or you may need an entirely new content strategy. Either way, Clever Tiger has the wits, ideas, and tools to create a perfect plan for you, your customers, and your budget.

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