How to Scale Your Business (and the first thing that’s holding you back)

Whether you’re a party-of-one working from home OR you run a bustling office of employees, you’re probably looking to bring your business to new heights. But you’re already working overtime every week to get things done. How could you possibly fit more into this exhausting routine? The answer is – you don’t. You can’t add hours to the day, so you need to take a hard look at your to-do list, and cut it in […]

How Logos Have Evolved

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, many of the companies we’re familiar with have changed their logos drastically. Some have decided to switch to a more simplified version, while others have decided to get jiggy with it and do something totally out there. Others have changed so much (did you know Target used to be called Dayton’s? I was shook!) that they aren’t even recognizable as the same company anymore. There’s a lot of reasons […]

5 Ways to Make Your To-Do List Shorter

The most stressful moment of your day has come, and it’s time to look at your ever growing to-do list. The words start to blur, and you can feel your blood pressure rising. We know exactly how you feel, and we are here to help. In fact, you can make your to do list shorter just by reading this article. Abra-ca-dabra! Take a moment to catch your breath. I find myself getting overwhelmed just looking […]

Am I the business owner type?

Hustling, hypothesizing, risk taking, sacrificing  – being a business owner takes all of this and more. The highs are super rewarding, and the lows? Super draining. There’s no mincing words, being a business owner is tough. Have you been toying with the idea of starting a company? Are you asking yourself, “Can I be a business owner?” Well? Do you have what it takes? (Spoiler alert: You probably already know the answer to that.) Take […]

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7 Ways to Tell If You Need to Invest in Creative Content

If your marketing and social media isn’t capturing your audience and boosting your customer base as well as your bottom line, you might need to examine your creative content strategy. Here’s how to know when it’s probably time to invest in creative content. Are you experiencing any of the following? Stagnant growth When’s the last time you had a flurry of activity, or a bar full of notifications for your social media? If your content […]

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Can Music Boost My Productivity at Work?

The majority of us are sashaying our way around the office believing that our music is fueling our productivity at work. In some cases it’s true, but what type of tunes you’re listening to can play more of an important role than many of us realize. “Can music actually boost my productivity at work”, you wonder? The studies that have been conducted to prove or disprove the effectiveness of music in the workplace have been […]

Woodstock is now Home of Clever Tiger

We have the Best. News. Ever. WE MOVED! Our new office is in downtown Woodstock, which is just about 30 miles north of the bustling ATL. We’re in a thriving area, surrounded by colleagues and old friends, and the energy is infectious. Our address is now 410 Chambers Street, Woodstock GA 30188, inside the famed Copper Coin Coffee Shop! We have access to some beautiful meeting spaces, including the community room, which has an open, […]

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Why You Should Worry About Earning the Sale, Not Making it

Imagine a world where businesses were committed to earning their sales vs. simply making them. A world where the consumer didn’t feel like prey amongst hungry predators. A world where character, honesty, and hard work are the main products, no matter what you’re buying. It’s a long shot, we know. But as businesses, we can choose to set that standard. We can earn our customers’ patronage and loyalty, and in turn, take pride in our […]

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5 Ways to Tell if You Need a New Website

Let’s face it, it’s a website-eat-website world out there, and if you’re sporting an outdated page – you are losing business because of it. According to Stanford research on web credibility, 75% of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website design. Even if you’ve got the best content out there, first impressions are 94% design-related. This means that the look, feel, and functionality of your site are the deciding […]

4 Steps to Better Business

Sounds too general to be true, doesn’t it? We’re serious, though. These 4 steps to better business can really put you on the right track towards working smarter, not harder. Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at once. Like with any goal, better business just takes a little planning. Make a list, and break it down into manageable pieces. Knowing how long each task will take helps get a schedule together that you can […]