It’s Time for Fall in Woodstock, Georgia

Fall in Woodstock GA, home of Clever Tiger. The crisp fall air blows leaves around me as I sit on the brick wall outside of Copper Coin Coffee, drinking a pumpkin spice latte in my fuzziest sweater…okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. It may still be 80°F, but fall is definitely in the air of Woodstock, home of Clever Tiger. On October 1st, things got instantly spookier. Suddenly, scarecrows popped up around town, decorated by local […]

Meet Rachel, Head Tiger in Charge

People have many different definitions for their vision of POWER. I, personally think, that there is nothing more powerful than a strong and amazing woman.  Rachel Manning, the owner and founder of Clever Tiger, is just that. Read below to meet the woman behind the machine- and to find out just how she came to be the Clever Tiger we all know and love. When you were growing up, is this what you pictured doing? […]

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Can Music Boost My Productivity at Work?

The majority of us are sashaying our way around the office believing that our music is fueling our productivity at work. In some cases it’s true, but what type of tunes you’re listening to can play more of an important role than many of us realize. “Can music actually boost my productivity at work”, you wonder? The studies that have been conducted to prove or disprove the effectiveness of music in the workplace have been […]

Woodstock is now Home of Clever Tiger

We have the Best. News. Ever. WE MOVED! Our new office is in downtown Woodstock, which is just about 30 miles north of the bustling ATL. We’re in a thriving area, surrounded by colleagues and old friends, and the energy is infectious. Our address is now 410 Chambers Street, Woodstock GA 30188, inside the famed Copper Coin Coffee Shop! We have access to some beautiful meeting spaces, including the community room, which has an open, […]


How to Use Color – Free Download

Color is EVERYTHING. It packs a powerful punch in design. It can draw attention, inspire emotions, organize information, and much more. That’s why, when it comes to branding your business, color is so important. A slight shift in printer settings can ruin a whole batch of flyers, and one misplaced character in a color code can spell disaster. Unless you deal with color and design as your profession, you may be mystified by terms like […]

Interview with an Illustrator

Creative work is great exercise for the mind. It comes naturally to some of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s effortless. Professional illustration takes this effort to a whole new level. We dive into what it means to be a professional illustrator with our team member, Kate Sherrill. Kate specializes in realistic illustrations, and brings her extensive 20 years of experience to work for team tiger. She helps us create amazing content, print designs, brands, […]

A design company that does more… finally!

Metro-Atlanta-based design company Clever Tiger is so excited for this upcoming year. We want to become a resource for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as our fellow designers. We provide a range of design and marketing services, all done with flair and a smile! This is the start of something good Clever Tiger has been a long time in the making for founder Rachel Manning. Rachel is a flexible, hard-working graphic designer […]