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Social Media 2019 Update

As we close out an eventful 2018, it’s a good time to take a look at where social media has taken us, and what we should expect in the year to come. One thing is for certain: It’s an exciting time to work in social media and digital marketing in general. We’ve done our research to provide you with this actionable report on the state of social media in 2019. Action items for 2019 Social […]

How Much Do You Know About Social Media?

In today’s society, social media is queen bee and we’re in the hive. From business accounts to personal ones, everyone has at least one form of social media. It makes it easy to stay connected to one another, as well as keep tabs on the silly doings of celebrities, family members, and strangers (looking at you, YouTube). But just using social media doesn’t make you an expert. Want to find out how your expertise measures […]

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7 Ways to Tell If You Need to Invest in Creative Content

If your marketing and social media isn’t capturing your audience and boosting your customer base as well as your bottom line, you might need to examine your creative content strategy. Here’s how to know when it’s probably time to invest in creative content. Are you experiencing any of the following? Stagnant growth When’s the last time you had a flurry of activity, or a bar full of notifications for your social media? If your content […]

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Get Better Social Media Management and Get Better Results

Regardless of whether you Instagram your every meal or you’re still calling it “the facebook,” your business is most likely in need of better social media management. These platforms are constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest algorithms, requirements, scheduling restrictions, and insights can be a full time job (and totally is for some). But, for many, social media is where your customer is spending the most time online. According to a new report […]

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5 Tweaks to Level Up Your Social Media Profile

Want to start getting your social media profiles in order, but don’t have a ton of time on your hands? Here’s some things you can tackle right away to start making a positive change. 1. Optimize your social media profile pictures and cover images With all the platforms out there, getting each social media profile graphic designs set up properly can be a real project. People have been brought to tears over this stuff, folks. […]