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Top social media management tool spotlight: Cloud Campaign

What’s the best social media scheduling tool? We are firm believers in Cloud Campaign. Cloud Campaign is the social media scheduling tool we use for our clients and one we recommend to other creative agencies. Bottom line, Cloud Campaign makes social media management easier.

What makes Cloud Campaign one of the top social media management tools?


Cloud Campaigns connects with lots of the tools you already use, allowing you to easily upload and plan posts while tracking performance. The software lets you connect all your social channels and Google Analytics so that all of your metrics are easy to view and share. This takes all the number-crunching work off of you and lets you stay focused on what you do best, growing your business!

Platform support

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business 
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • More in the future!


Cloud Campaign’s platform links to your Google Analytics account for easy-to-understand reporting. Once your Cloud Campaign account is connected to Google Analytics, you can see how your social media channels drive traffic to your website and what visitors do once they’re there. 

Content Sources

Automatically fill your library with content from a blog, YouTube channel, Shopify store, or any other data source with the auto-import feature. 

Cloud Campaign can pull content from

  • Google Drive
  • RSS Feeds
  • Slack 
  • and more!


Content Library 

All of your creative assets live in a library with unlimited storage — no more deep Dropbox dives or disorganized emails back and forth. Cloud Campaign’s content library has an intuitive category feature, so you can tag content with custom categories to later schedule, filter, or track analytics. 

In addition, the content library has a built-in search index to find top-trending articles, blogs, free photos, and more. The dream of an easy way to find new, relatable content to share across platforms is a reality with one of the best social media scheduling tools around – Cloud Campaign!

Collaborative Workspace 

We know how important time management is to business owners and marketers, so we think you’ll love the convenience of this social media management tool’s collaborative workspace. 

With Cloud Campaign, you can be as involved as you want. You have your own profile within the program and collaborate with your team to create social media content in real-time. 

From your Cloud Campaign dashboard, you can create and schedule content, and leave comments for your team on specific posts. You’ll find all of your scheduled posts in the content calendar and queues, so you can browse through to approve what you love and offer any feedback or revisions on others. Set user permissions and control who has access to your content and what each team member can view or edit.


If you’d prefer (as many of our clients do), you can hand off all social media tasks to your team and receive approvals showing upcoming content for your review.  

Approvals can be created and sent to anyone – no login required. The approvals feature makes it easy to see what’s coming up in the post schedule. If you leave a comment on any content requesting revisions, our team will receive instant notifications so we can revise or assist quickly.

Once approved, that content will get posted automatically on its scheduled date and time. 

approval screenshot from Cloud Campaign

AI-Powered Reporting

Cloud Campaign makes it easy to generate reports on social performance, no matter what your KPIs are. These reports can be easily shared with a link and customized to show your most important data. 

Here’s some key information you’ll find in these reports:

  • Change in followers
  • Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares
  • Insights on high-performing content
  • Comparisons with historical data
  • Insights on how your social channels impact your website traffic
  • ROI metrics from paid ads or boosted posts
  • See an overview of the analytics across all social accounts at once, or view more granular data from each social platform. 
top social media management tool reporting screenshot


Post Scheduling 

Cloud Campaign allows you to create your social posts ahead of time and then schedule them to publish automatically. You’ll never have to scramble to post something at the last minute. Set up queues to post consistently using a weekly schedule, recycle posts over time using a drip schedule, or choose specific dates for each piece of content.

Dynamic Triggers

With Cloud Campaign, you can dynamically trigger posts based on the weather or trends. Maybe you’re a restaurant owner who wants to offer soup half off on a rainy day.  When the weather forecast shows rain, a post is published dependent on the forecast. It’s like magic!

You can also trigger posts based on Twitter and Google Search trends. Dynamically triggered content has an 89% higher engagement rate.

Weekly Updates

Send a weekly account recap to any email, automatically. Reporting that’s always accurate and on time – how about that?

screenshot of social media management

Why do our clients love Cloud Campaign?

Cloud Campaign has many different features that you can’t find in other social media management platforms. Streamlined syncing, customizable approval workflows, and powerful scheduling tools make content management smooth and simple. And with easy-to-read reporting, you get AI-driven insights on how content is performing. Are you interested in social media management services? Read more and sign up here.

What makes Cloud Campaign great for agencies like us? 

We can confidently say that we consider Cloud Campaign to be the best social media management tool for agencies, designed for marketing agencies that are serious about results. It’s the easiest way to manage multiple brands and accounts at scale, with many enterprise features such as brand workspaces, a client portal, client reports, data exporting, and white-label services. Are you an agency or freelancer managing social media for 3 or more clients? Check out this link for a free demo and $25 off your first month of Cloud Campaign.

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