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Working with a Web Designer – Tips for Success

When it comes to working with a web designer, you might find yourself wondering how to pick the right one. Or how to effectively communicate your design needs so you’re left with a project you are satisfied with. While the process can seem overwhelming, this doesn’t need to be the case. In this article, we will discuss our best web design tips and tricks, so you not only know how to work with a web designer, but get the website of your dreams.

Plan your project

The first step of the web design process is creating a clear-cut brief of your web design requirements. A basic brief should include:

  • Number of web pages needed or estimated amount of content if you’re unsure
  • Desired features for your website (including e-commerce, forms, chatbots, etc.)
  • Links to your social media platforms 
  • Information about your target audience
  • Your brand identity guide and files (logo, fonts and colors)
  • Your timeline for launch and any important milestones
  • Your budget and preferred payment terms

Check out this excellent website design brief template from Elementor. It’s a great start, and free of course!

Pro tip: Include examples of other websites (like the competition’s) and highlight what you like about each site. The designer can try to incorporate similar features into your project.

website designers at work

Find the right website designer to work with

Finding the right website designer is the best way to make sure your finished website is everything you want, and more. You can find skilled candidates by doing your research and checking out the reviews on each potential designer. Your ideal designer will not only match your company vibe, but has a killer portfolio and client testimonials to back up their work. 

By becoming familiar with your web designer’s prior work, you can be confident when chatting with them. This shows the designer that you didn’t just pick them out of nowhere, but rather that you are interested in their work and appreciate their strengths.

Think of this process as choosing a business partner. You want to work with someone you enjoy, but can also trust to do the work with integrity. You also need to make sure they respond in a timely manner and understand your needs. Communication is key in picking the right web designer.

Finding the right web designer that you have good chemistry with may be a trial and error period until you meet the right one, but when you do things usually fall into place. 

client working with a web designer

Agree on terms and expectations

Be as specific as possible with your designer, and make sure you both set clear expectations for:

  • Deadlines
  • Project goals
  • Payment terms
  • Budget calculations
  • Content ownership
  • Deliverables
  • Post-launch support and website maintenance
  • Cancellation or termination of agreements

Any other expectations you have should also be included in a contract. A crystal clear contract ensures everyone is on the same page from day one. By setting the expectations upfront, there is less room for disappointment and frustration down the road.

freelance web designer working

Clearly communicate feedback

Make sure to be as clear as possible when communicating your ideas and feedback. Designers are experts but they can only know as much about your vision as you tell them. Web designers aren’t mind readers, so including examples or giving specific feedback is crucial to their success in meeting your expectations. 

Your design feedback should be balanced, so try to point out things that you do like with the ongoing construction as well what you think could be done better. If you decide to ask colleagues, friends, or family for feedback to pass on to your web designer, be careful sharing with too many people. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself (or your web designer) with everyone’s opinion. 

Resource: A comprehensive guide for designers and their clients to provide frustration-free feedback and create better design outcomes.

How to give great feedback when working with a web designer

Trust your designer’s process

We understand that your website is like your baby and you have a lot invested into the site coming together. However, it’s important to know when to get involved, and when to back away. Knowing when to pass the torch to someone you trust is a smart and usually necessary leverage of your time and resources. 

Here are a few things you can do to work with a web designer effectively:

  • Provide resources like images or branding 
  • Stay on schedule with sending content 
  • Dedicate time and effort to reviewing designs
  • Give clear, constructive feedback
  • Sign off on designs on time
  • Take part in testing the website

If you have provided the proper resources up front, you need to sit back and let the designer do what they do best. Give feedback and help if needed, but do not bombard them every 5 minutes with comments and questions. You hired a professional, let them take care of you!

Consider setting a schedule for regular meetings. Working with a web designer usually means a lot of collaboration, and regularly scheduled meetings can help both parties stay on track to hit milestones.

modern web design on desktop

Nurture a lasting relationship

RIP Adobe Flash gravestone

Your web designer is a great person to have for continuous maintenance of your new site. It is a good idea to stay in touch with them for future revamps or revisions. Technology is constantly evolving, so you need someone to keep an eye on your website to make sure it’s up to date.

Remember: You should treat this relationship like a business partnership. Stay in touch with your designer so that you always have someone to turn to for any of your website needs. If your goal is to grow your business, then your relationship with your web designer should grow with you. 

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